Musician and Storyteller

Becky Graber is a versatile musician and storyteller.

She is playful and encouraging, creating a spirit of fun and a strong sense of community as she leads others in the joyful pursuit of expressive language and music. Becky has crafted compositions and arrangements for women’s voices, many of which are now available online through her company, Chimsee Music Publishing. Becky offers lessons, workshops, and performances in singing and storytelling.

Based in Brattleboro, Vermont, Becky is active in local music making and is on the New Hampshire Arts Council roster. Becky is the founder and conductor of the Brattleboro Women’s Chorus, director of Animaterra Women’s Chorus in Keene, NH, and one of four singers in Big Woods Voices.

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Chimsee Music Publishing

Publishing works for women’s chorus by Becky Graber

Chimsee Music Publishing, founded in 2018, is a press that specializes in works for female voices.  Currently the Chimsee (pronounced “Kim-zee”) catalogue is music composed or arranged by Becky (Rebecca) Graber. Much of the music in the Chimsee catalogue was premiered by the Brattleboro (Vermont) Women’s Chorus, an ensemble Becky founded in 1996, and still directs. Many songs were performed in our Spring 2016 concert at Next Stage Arts in Putney.

Chimsee was my first dog, a gentle and devoted German shepherd who was named after Lake Chiemsee in Germany.  (I’ve spelled his name wrong all my life and at this point I’m going to stick with my mis-spelling.) Chimsee left our family in 1960, at about the same time my parents bought a piano to replace our pump organ, and I began learning how to notate my compositions. -Becky

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Good pals: Chimsee and Baby Becky, circa 1955. Ready for action in Avon Lake, Iowa

Latest News

Animaterra Women’s Chorus in Keene and Brattleboro (VT) Women’s Chorus will start up their spring semesters in March 2020. Songs will center around women’s suffrage and women of courage. More details will be posted in February.

Festival 2020: Women’s Voices/ Women’s Song – August 22nd in Worcester, Massachusetts
Details coming about this celebration in song of the right to vote. Choir members from women’s choruses will gather and sing together on the anniversary of the nineteenth amendment. Organizers are Becky and other choral directors Peggo Horstmann-Hodes of Songweavers, Jane Lowey of Common Voices Chorus, and Kathy Bullock from Berea College.